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Slope Angle Maps for the Alps Region in KMZ-format

.. and in SQLITEDB-format

(please note that some links are not active yet, but will be added soon..)
SLOPE_N43E005.kmz SLOPE_N43E005.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N43E006.kmz SLOPE_N43E006.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N43E007.kmz SLOPE_N43E007.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N44E005.kmz SLOPE_N44E005.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N44E006.kmz SLOPE_N44E006.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N44E007.kmz SLOPE_N44E007.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N45E005.kmz SLOPE_N45E005.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N45E006.kmz SLOPE_N45E006.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N45E007.kmz SLOPE_N45E007.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N45E008.kmz SLOPE_N45E008.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N45E009.kmz SLOPE_N45E009.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N45E010.kmz SLOPE_N45E010.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N45E011.kmz SLOPE_N45E011.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N46E005.kmz SLOPE_N46E005.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N46E006.kmz SLOPE_N46E006.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N46E007.kmz SLOPE_N46E007.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N46E008.kmz SLOPE_N46E008.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N46E009.kmz SLOPE_N46E009.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N46E010.kmz SLOPE_N46E010.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N46E011.kmz SLOPE_N46E011.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N46E012.kmz SLOPE_N46E012.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N46E013.kmz SLOPE_N46E013.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N46E014.kmz SLOPE_N46E014.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N46E015.kmz SLOPE_N46E015.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N47E006.kmz SLOPE_N47E006.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N47E007.kmz SLOPE_N47E007.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N47E008.kmz SLOPE_N47E008.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N47E009.kmz SLOPE_N47E009.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N47E010.kmz SLOPE_N47E010.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N47E011.kmz SLOPE_N47E011.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N47E012.kmz SLOPE_N47E012.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N47E013.kmz SLOPE_N47E013.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N47E014.kmz SLOPE_N47E014.sqlitedb
SLOPE_N47E015.kmz SLOPE_N47E015.sqlitedb

Contour Lines for the Alps Region in KML-format

N43E005.zip (1.58 M)
N43E006.zip (2.52 M)
N43E007.zip (1.71 M)
N44E005.zip (4.51 M)
N44E006.zip (7.83 M)
N44E007.zip (4.93 M)
N45E005.zip (2.81 M)
N45E006.zip (7.71 M)
N45E007.zip (6.68 M)
N45E008.zip (2.28 M)
N45E009.zip (2.37 M)
N45E010.zip (3.49 M)
N45E011.zip (2.6 M)
N46E005.zip (1.48 M)
N46E006.zip (2.91 M)
N46E007.zip (6.85 M)
N46E008.zip (9.19 M)
N46E009.zip (8.63 M)
N46E010.zip (8.78 M)
N46E011.zip (8 M)
N46E012.zip (8.71 M)
N46E013.zip (6.68 M)
N46E014.zip (4.8 M)
N46E015.zip (3.54 M)
N47E006.zip (1.65 M)
N47E007.zip (2.04 M)
N47E008.zip (2.23 M)
N47E009.zip (3.32 M)
N47E010.zip (5.51 M)
N47E011.zip (5.9 M)
N47E012.zip (6.22 M)
N47E013.zip (6.16 M)
N47E014.zip (5.86 M)
N47E015.zip (5.26 M)